Motorway Lessons

Are Motorway Lessons Compulsory ??


No, Motorway Lessons are not compulsory and you will not have to drive on a motorway on your driving test.


However, if you have to drive for a long distance, say from one city to another the motorway system is most likely going to be the quickest option. You can have motorway lessons after you have passed your test and since 2018 learner drivers are also allowed on motorways at the instructors discretion.


Please remember that its only ADI’s who have a dual controlled vehicle are allowed to do this.


Driving instructors will decide if they want to use a rooftop box during a motorway lesson. The car will need to display L plates on the front and rear if the rooftop box is removed.


The dual carriageways that you have been learning on up to now will stand you in good stead for entering onto a motorway. Just remember that you might have to travel 25 miles before you can exit off so be sure you feel confident before you enter onto the motorway system.


Why motorway driving lessons?


Things you might learn on a motorway driving lesson are as follows


  1. General rules for driving on the motorway
  2. Car maintenance before entering the motorway
  3. What motorway signs mean
  4. How to enter safely
  5. How to drive on the motorway safely
  6. How to overtake safely
  7. How to exit the motorway safely
  8. The correct procedure for when you breakdown
  9. How to respond in an emergency
  10. How to combat fatigue
  11.  Journey/Route Planning


At Drive Pass Go Driving School we believe it’s essential to have at least one Motorway Lesson covering the above 11 points before you attempt to drive solo on a motorway.


Motorways are the safest roads in the country as long as you’ve been trained properly and know the Do’s and Don’ts.


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